Legal translations

English <> Dutch

Extensive experience of translating legal documents for law firms, notary offices and other clients

Do you need an English translation of a Dutch legal text, or vice versa? Then you’ve come to the right person.

What I do for you

Juridische vertaling Benescript Barneveld

Legal translations

I speak your language, work meticulously and am a stickler for detail. Exactly what is needed for legal translations.

Beedigd vertaler Benescript Barneveld

Certified translations

You have the assurance of working with a translator who is reliable and produces quality work.

Apostille Legalisatie Benescript Barneveld


I’m happy to arrange for the court to provide the apostille and save you the trouble of doing so.

With me, your translation work is in good hands.
Call or mail me for a no-strings-attached quote.


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